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Wing Gundam 0

Gundam W:
Gundam Wing Zero Custom:
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Series : Gundam W : After Colony
Type : Variable Mobile Suit
Height : 16.7 m
Weight : 8 tons
Armor : gundanium alloy
Armament : 1 Twin Buster Rifle, 2 beam saber, 2 machinecannon,2 Wing vulcan gun
Fighting ability : Lv 150
Weapons ability : Lv 150
Speed ability : Lv 160
Power ability : Lv 140
Armored ability : Lv 140

The upgraded version of Gundam Wing. This MS has a system called system Zero and that's why the gundam is named Wing Gundam Zero. This MS' twin buster rifle power is amazing, but takes a lot of enery.