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Tohou Fuhai/Master Asia

Born : FC 10.2.22
Blood Type : AB
Nationality : Neo Hongkong
Height : 193cm
Weight : 85 kg
Champion of the last gundam fight. He won the gundam fight for his country Neo Hong Kong. Fuhai is a true martial artist. His skill and power goes unrivaled, with the exception of mysterious Schwarz Bruder and potentially, Domon. Tohou Fuhai shared a very close relationship with Domon ,as a kid. After his mom was killed and his father put into a suspended animation, Domon went to earth to seek Fuhai and to learn martial arts under him , to someday find his brother whom he blames for the death of his mother and theft of the Devil gundam. Fuhai pilots the Kowloon gundam which later morphs into the Master Gundam when he reveals his allegiance to the Devil gundam.

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