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Some Links
Anime Web Turnpike
A place to find some more links about gundam

The Mecha Domain
Burke's page, a place where you can get mecha's statistics. Even I get some pics and statistics from Burke ( thank's ! )

The Church of the machine
Joc Texa's page, a very cool one ! Visit it !

HobbyLink Japan
A place to buy Gundam models

Bandai's official page of Gundam
Yuppp, the official site for gundam, have latest news of kits, games and all gundam stuffs, too bad it's in japanese
Has all the latest news from gundam world

Gundam Modeller's Singapore
Gerald Koo's page, check this out !

the L1 colony
My friend, Sarah's page, a nice GW site

The Gundam Plastic Model Box
My long time no see friend, Cellzer's page. A really nice one. He got his Models pic on the page