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Episode 6 : Fight Domon ! Earth Is The Ring !

This episode starts with Domon, in Neo Japan, who is drinking some kind of Japanese beer and talking with an old monk. Suddenly Domon falls after sipping the tea. The scene switches to Earth with a lot of mobile suits, ready for something which emerges from a crater. It is the Devil Gundam ! It destroys all the mobile suits around with a ray of light. Meanwhile, Domon awakened on a sofa by his brother Kyouji. He is very happy to see Kyouji along with his mother and father. They have a lunch then, along with Rain. Domon, who seems to be very happy, talks about his training with Master Asia, and how he got the mark "King Of The Hearts". His brother and father talked about his father's invention then, and will show Domon as soon as they finished the lunch. Rain who looks sad even though Domon is happy, leave the room. In Rain's eyes, it's all imagination because it's the imaginary deception for Domon. Rain is scolded by her father then. Urube and the other guy from Neo Japan are watching Domon, and talks something about the threat of Devil Gundam in Earth. We come back to Domon and his family then. Domon's Father show him the latest creation, Devil gundam ! Suddenly some armies come to take the Devil gundam. Domon's father then tell Kyouji to save the Devil gundam. but Kyouji laughs evilly, and he said he was the one planning this all. One man of the army then tried to shoot Kyouji, but Domon's mother saved him and she died in Domon's hand. Behind the scene, Dr Mikamura, Urube and another Neo Japanese guy, controls the fake Devil Gundam, which is actually Mobile Armor Fantoma to attack Domon, who is suddenly inside the Shining Gundam. Domon begs Kyouji to stop, but he won't listen. Rain, who can't just stand looking at Domon who is being attacked, rides the carrier and just in time, blocks a hit from Devil gundam. Domon, who is still in the imaginating condition, sees that it was his mother who died. He is full of anger right now that his suit turns to red and his hair stand up. The Shining Gundam turned into "Super Mode". He unleashed the "Shining Finger Sword" towards the Devil Gundam and destroy the Mobile Suit. He then told the guys from Neo Japan, who had make the deception, to not even try to do this again angrily. He reached out to Rain then and with her, Domon flees back to Earth.