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Episode 5 : Big Escape ! Gundam Fighter In Prison

At first we are shown the prison which is in the center of the lake, we then see a bar, Rain comes out from it, wears snow coat. She looks like waiting for someone. The scene then switches to the prison, we see Domon is trying to escape from the prison. Flashback follows then. We see Domon was being interrogated by the prison's manager. He then hit Domon and as Domon fell, he checked Domon's belongings. He seemed interested at Kyouji's photo ( the one which Domon always brings ) and asked Domon who is the man on it. Domon use this chance to grab him and ran away. The screen comes back to Domon, who is still trying to escape. When he jump from the bushes he was hiding recently, a man's voice tells him to stop. The man is sitting in front of him, then rises up, showing his big body. Domon hits him then, but it doesn't mean anything to him, even Domon gets a counter hit on his head and he fall unconscious. A manager of the prison, who is a green haired woman ( Natasha ) comes and congrats the big man's work. She then reveals the big man's name : Argo Gulskii
The screen then shows Rain, reporting of her journey with Domon to her father. then it swithes to some images about Domon's past. Domon then wakes up, in a cell, with an old guy who reveals himself that he's also a Gundam Fighter some years back, but was captured and held in prison until now. It's morning then, Domon and many other prisoners are going to work. the old guy shows what the prisoners actually working on : gathering technology from the gundams which are beaten by Neo Russia's and uses them for themselves. It's lunch time then. The old guy still explaining some things about their work, until Domon sees Argo. He then hits him and also a guard. He pick the guard's gun and tells the other guards to stay back. In the meantime, Argo recovered. He sees that a sniper is targetting his gun to Domon. Argo then pushes him, whispering that yesterday he was just taking orders, and he will help Domon to get out from the prison.. The guards take the chance to beat Domon, and take him back to cell. The screen switches again to Rain, who is surveillancing the prison, waiting for the sign from Domon. Meanwhile, the old guy gives Domon a hot towel for his wounds. Domon tells his plan to escape then, but the old guy decides to wait until tomorrow and goes to sleep.
The next evening, Domon asks the old guy again, whether he wants to join him or not. While giving pieces of bread to the birds, he agrees. They then talk to Argo, about their plan to escape. Argo then hits the wall, and break some kind of cable which makes some sort of oil tank explodes. While the guards are busy with the fire, they escape. Rain, who is watching the monitor of Shining's core lander, sees the sign of Domon, and rushes to bring the core lander to him. The prison's green haired woman ( Natasha ) orders to prepare the Bolt gundam and then chase them. Domon's vechicle gets destroyed by Bolt gundam's gun and explode. He, along with the old guy are thrown aside, but Argo is standing there. The Bolt gundam comes down to his side. Now it's obvious that Argo is the pilot of it ( but when chasing them, Natasha controls it with remote ). At that time, Rain comes with the core lander, Domon flicks his fingers and Shining Gundam comes out from the frozen lake. He then rides the core lander to it, wearing the control suit, and pilots it. Argo also does the same. The Gundam fight is on, Shining lose his left arm on this fight, but after all and all, Shining Finger ends the fight, giving Domon a victorious battle. Bolt gundam sink into the lake. After that, Domon, Rain and the old guy stand at the lake's side. The old guy returns the Kyouji's photo, and says that he never met him before. He then goes, leaving Domon and Rain, watching the Bolt gundam picked up from the lake.