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Episode 4 : Victory or Defeat ! The Red Rose Prince

The scene starts in a place where two gundams stand and prepare to battle. The gundams are Rose gundam and Arachno gundam. When they are ready to fight each other, Domon interrupts them and easily beat the Arachno gundam. Domon then challenge George to fight him, but he refused. There's an aircraft above the gundams and Maria Ruize is there. She is interested in George. After that, there is a dance party ( people in Europe call this a ball ). Maria looks for George there and want to dance with him. She find him on the balcony and talk to him for a while. George seems have no interest to her and so the conversation ends. Maria finds a way to make George show more interest to her and she finds a way. She make herself like been kidnapped by Domon, when actually, she ran away from home. She then meet some gangsters when she had a tea in a place but Domon helps her. She tells Domon her story and Domon take her to his place. Afetr hear her story, Rain refuse to help her, but Domon locks him up in the toilet. He do her plan and prepare to battle gundam Rose. After short ceremony, gundam Rose go to fight Domon. Meanwhile, Rain knows the risk of this plan, and succesfully get out of the toilet. She then go to save Maria. As the gundams fight ( the battle is near the Eiffel tower ) they don't realize they will drop the Eiffel tower. Gundam Rose uses the bits to beat Domon by trapping him in a tornado like attack, but Domon's Shinning finger is greater than the bits. George, realize that the tower is falling, hold the tower ( because under the tower is where Maria is ) Domon stops the Shinning finger, that's the end of the battle. After all that, Domon, Rain and George have a tea. George looks up to the sky to see the aircraft which carry Maria, and so the episode ends.