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Episode 3 : Defeat Him ! Devil Dragon Gundam

The episode starts in China, in a village, and the village is being destroyed by a group of bandits. We see Domon ( with Rain of course )here, kickin' and punchin' some of them which is trying to get near to Shining Gundam's cockpit.He sees the group using some flying machines and combine them into a dragon and he also sees the Dragon Gundam appearing. Meanwhile, two monks is also there. They seems looking for someone. They meet Domon and they talk to him in a place after the village destroyed.They want Domon to look for the Dragon Gundam and the pilot, taking Rain as their hostage. Domon then forcefully look for the Dragon gundam. He meet Sai Sici in the road, sleeping. Sai asks Domon can he come with him because he knows the place of Dragon Gundam. Domon agree, they go together. In the hideout of the gang, Sai makes some things that makes Domon angry ( this you must watch for yourself ), then Domon jailed by the master of the group. Sai helps him out this time and Domon calls the shining Gundam to make some mess. The leader goes to the Dragon Gundam, but Sai stops him. Sai pilots the Dragon Gundam then and fight Domon. After a tough fight Shining Finger hits Dragon's head, but the tail of Dragon has been round the Shining's neck. They agrees that this is a draw fight. Sai then goes with the two monks and Domon continues his journey with Rain.