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Episode 2 : Roar ! Super Punch That Won The Dream

America, the place of glory, is the place of Chibodeee Crockett, who have just got home from a gundam fight. He is praised by his fans, and his four girls who are always folowing him. Meanwhile, Domon, sitting in a bar, watching Chibodee from a TV, wants to challenge him. Domon has a chance when Chibodee do some boxing, by replacing the challenger. Domon at the first uppercut Chibodee and Chibodee falls. When Chibodee's promotor see this, he send some men to kill Domon. Chibodee then raise up and punch Domon who wants to get away. This punch makes a bad effect for Domon. While he walk, he is found by the promotor's men. Domon fall because the effect of the punch, but saved by Rain. The promotor, wants to make Domon fight with Chibodee, kidnap one of chibodee's girl and use her to invite Domon to the fight. It works, Domon fights Chibodee without knowing that the promotor is behind all this. When they know, they saved the girl and fights again. Athough Gundam Maxter is tough, Shinning finger can beat him up. After the fight, Domon go to continue his journey, leaving Chibodee as one of his friend.