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Serial number : GF13-055 NI
Nationality : Neo Italy
Head height : 16.2 m
Base weight : 7.0 tons
Full weight : 15.3 tons
Armor : Gundarium alloy super ceramic composite rare metal hybrid
Armament : 16 Satyricon beam, 2 head vulcan
Ultimate attacks : Silver legs, Rainbow legs
Gundam Fighter : Mikelo Chariot

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Episode 1 : Gundam Fight ! Gundam Falls To Earth

In FC 60, some lights falling down from the sky. One of the light drop on the Italy and wrap itself with huge rocks. One man, discovering that it is a gundam, laugh. The man is Mikelo Chariot. Meanwhile, in a bar, a man with red robe is sitting after defeating his enemies. He show the bartender a photo, ask if the bartender has seen the man on the photo. Then suddenly, a man hit him from behind, but he can dodge and kick the man's butt. He comes out of the bar after that and so many man are waiting outside the bar. He fight with all the men and wins, until a gundam shoots some bullets. He can pass all the bullets but one of the child, who was with him since in the bar was kidnapped. Then he is arrested by the police because of things he do. Then we know that the man's name is Domon and he is a gundam fighter for Neo Japan. He is released from the police station by Rain, then he decide to help the child. There, Domon confronts all the gang again, even the bullets can't stop Domon. The gang runs because they know him as "King Of The Hearts". Chariot use his Neros gundam. Domon tells Rain to release the rocks, then with a finger snap, Domon calls Shinning Gundam. Then Chariot use the rainbow legs. While Rainbow legs is unleashed, police chief explains about gundam fight and all before saved by Domon. Shinning Finger finish the battle and destroys Neros's head. Mikelo goes to jail then for his crimes, with whitened hair. Domon then say goodbye to the children and the chief police to continue his journey with Rain.