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Chibode Crockett the "Queen the Spade"

Born : FC 39.6.7
Blood Type : B
Nationality : Neo America
Height : 192 cm
weight : 87 kg
The Gundam Fighter for Neo America. He pilots the gundam Maxter. He has a happy go-lucky attitude that carries on everywhere during every situation. Chibode tends to use English words a lot too. For instance he refers to Domon as "Japanese". Chibode is also somewhat alcoholic, which causes him to do some irrational things. Chibode fights for the "American Dream" ( fame, glory, money ). Due to a traumatic experience Chibode is afraid of clowns. In his journey, he always followed by his four girls. They are Shiari, Janetto, Gias and Bani. Chibode's shuffle alliance title is "Queen of Spade".

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